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This site is devoted to the literary works of Mimosa Jo (aka Joanne Johnson.)

She was a star of the literary pin…

Joanne was born in 1948 in California and moved moved to Hickory, NC in 1950. Upon graduating high school she was accept to Temple University where she obtained her degree in higher education. She moved to South Florida where she began teaching. As her mother started getting sick she decided to move back to North Carolina to be closer to her family. Moving back she started teaching at numerous local schools.

Following a health crisis she was forced into early retirement where she started writing. After going through scores of documents we noticed some um-published writings. This site is dedicated to her memory. With love, honer and compassion we believe she lives on through her writings. We hope you find her works entertaining and enlightening..

“If you really what to get to know me, it’s all in my writings.”


Each month we will be releasing two of her original works from our collections. We hope that you will enjoy!!

This site site is owned, operated and maintained by Caprica Technologies. All works are copyrighted and can not be reused with out express written permission. If you have any questions or suggesting please feel free to let us know at

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