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Archives June 2021

Gone fishin

Gone fishin

Those dern boy have all gone fishin’
Left us gals alone and wishin’
Fer soft guitars and late-nite fiddlin’
While they sit and do their whittlin’
On some boat a’waitin fer the tide
Left us home all mysty-eyed.

December 1999

An Angles Gift

I’m only a tiny-heartbeat
Nine weeks old.
Jesus loves me
So do the Angels
And my new family too.

I’m so special.
I’m the first
Baby for mom
And dad and
Grannys two.

But my special
First one, new
A Bible Storybook
In poetry too.

May 11, 1999

Mystic Moon

Her silvered hair and deepened eyes

From windy days and cloud-filled skies

Beyond words of ancient Indian lore,

Magic dwells within her pores.

God sent His veil to protect her plight

By feathered slips of cloud-lit night,

To hide a buttered-moon from sight

As almost to immortalize the rite.



June 9, 1999